MI/DCMO:Single Channel Output Module || MI/D2ICMO:Dual Input Single Output Module


Both MI/DCMO and MI/D2ICMO optionally supervise the wiring to the lead devices and upon command from the control panel switch,an external power supply to operate these devices.in normal supervised mode,the devices switch out the load supervision and switch in the external power supply through a double pole relay. the external power supply is monitored and raises an unlatched fault condition if the voltage falls below the fixed threshold. in the unsupervised mode,the devices provide neither load nor power supply supervision,and can be used to switch a single from C set of changeover contacts.

  •  MI-D2CMO: Dual input single output.MI-DCMO:Single output-relay or sounder mode.
  • DIN rail mounting option.
  • Rotary decade address switch.
  • Analogue Addressable Communication.
  • Tri-color LED statuit ,plugin connectors, and built-in short circuit isolators.
  • Approval-LPCB,GEA GE 1-082,CEA GEI 1-084.