MI/DISO:Short-Circuit Isolator Module


MI/DISO is intended to be spaced between groups of devices on a communication line to protect the line,if a short circuit fault occurs.it automatically opens when the voltage in the communication line falls below a fixed threshold. if a short circuit fault occurs,the two isolators located around the device group where the fault occurred,will sense the line voltage drop,open their switches,and remove the devices from the rest of the line.when the line voltage rises above the fixed threshold,the isolator module will detect the removal of the fault condition and automatically restore power to the isolated group of devices.

  • Short-circuit isolation.
  • DIN rail mounting option.
  • Rotary Decade address switch.
  • Analogue Addressable communications.
  • Tri-color LED status and plug-in connectors.
  • Approval-LPCB,GEA GEI 1-082,CEA GE 1084.