Photo Thermal Multi Detector MORLEY HM/PTSE/S2


The optical-thermal sensor uses thermal assistance to the core photoelectric smoke detector to give enhanced false alarm immunity and faster response to a wide range of incipient fires. The plug-in unit combines two separate sensing elements that are managed by embedded software to act as a single unit. The optical-thermal detector conforms to EN54-7, a 58°C fixed temperature and rate of rise thermal assistance conforming to EN54-5. The thermal detection function combines thermistor technology with a software corrected linear temperature response. In areas where the normal daytime activities may potentially create unwanted alarms, the detector can be programmed to operate in a “heat only” mode, automatically reverting to full photo-thermal operation during unoccupied periods. The sensing elements of the HM-PTSE optical-thermal detector are adjustable so the sensitivity thresholds of each element can be changed by the panel offering the ability to customise the device for the changing use of the area it is protecting. The detector has two integral red LEDs that provide 360° local visual indication of the device status.

Mechanical specification

Model Description
Height 61 mm installed in B501AP base
Diameter 102 mm installed in B501AP base
Max Wire Gauge for Terminals 2.5 mm2
Color ivory

Electrical Specifications - Non-Isolated Product

Model Description
Operating Voltage Range 15 ... 32 V DC
Maximum Standby Current 200 µA @ 24 V DC (no communications) ,300 µA @ 24 V DC (LED blink enabled, once every 5s)
LED Current 3.5 mA @ 24 V DC
Remote Output Voltage 22.5 V DC @ 24 V DC
Remote Output Current 10.8 mA @ 24 V DC

Environmental Specifications

Model Description
Temperature Range -30°C ... +70°C

6,1 to 9,4% variable Obs./m + Class A1R

Model Description
Alarm Level 1 3% Obs./m + Class A1R
Alarm Level 2 3% ... 6.1% variable Obs./m + Class A1R
Alarm Level 3 6.1% Obs./m + Class A1R
Alarm Level 4 6.1 ... 9.4% variable Obs./m + Class A1R
Alarm Level 5 9.4% Obs./m + Class A1R


Approvals :

EN54-5:2000+A1:2002 :EN54-17 : 2005.

EN54-7 : 2000+A1:2002+A2:2006 : EN54-29:2015