ZX Range 1-5 Loops Fire Alarm Control Panel


ZX Range: Analogue Addressable, Networkable Fire Alarm Control Panels Available with 1, 2 or 5 Loops. The ZXSe range of analogue addressable fire alarm control panels have been designed and constructed around proven and reliable microprocessor technology. This simple approach has produced a modular, scalable fire alarm platform suitable for protecting all types of premises. Supporting a total of five industry leading protocols, Apollo, Hochiki ESP, Nittan, Morley-IAS and System Sensor, allows fire detection devices to be independently selected based on performance or aesthetic appeal.

Panel Features

The ZXSe range of intelligent fi re alarm control panels has been designed to assist with the normal operation of a fi re detection system. Standard weekly testing is available through a simple menu structure allowing selection of the zones to be tested either with or without activation of the output relays or sounders. Additionally, the status of individual devices can be analysed to determine whether cleaning or replacement is required. As the installation grows the ZXSe panel can expand with the building or site by adding additional devices, loop cards, printers or repeater panels. Additionally, further ZXSe panels can be networked together allowing an even bigger system to be created. Remote (or local) printers can easily be connected to provide a paper copy of events as and when they occur or provide a historical record.

  • All major device manufacturers devices supported.
  • Optional, local or remote printers.
  • Walk test facility.
  • Provide up to 72hr stand-by (subject to verifi cation).

Software Features

The initial installation of the system is aided by sophisticated features like AUTOLEARN. An internal routine that will automatically detect all the devices on the detection and peripheral loops saving valuable commissioning time. An off-line Windows™ confi guration tool is included to further enhance the process, making text entry and specifi c, complex device programming easier. Complex cause and effect programming is simplifi ed through a clearly designed user interface. Once completed the confi guration of the panel can be saved for future reference. Enhanced features allow the complete archiving of the control panel history log.

  • Event logic – facilitates complex cross-panel programming.
  • Auto-learn facility allows rapid and accurate commissioning of devices.
  • Windows™confi guration tool allows off-site programming.
  • Facility to print history and event logs.

Networking Features

The Morley-IAS network is a unique, robust protocol that can be used over long distances, and utilise many different types of fi re resistant cabling. All versions of the ZXSe range can be connected together creating a network of up to 99 control panels. The fl exible network can be confi gured in two ways

  • Shared Zone System - Each networked control panel shares information.
  • Report & Control System - For multiple building sites where information is presented at the local and master panels only.
  • A compliant fault tolerant network can be created using the additional, optional Hi-485 network card.
  • 99 panel network allows systems in excess of 60,000 devices to be managed.

User Interface

A quick glance enables users to assess the condition of the fi re alarm system. Alarm and Fault conditions are highlighted by LEDs and supported by enhanced text descriptions on the LCD display. Clearly labelled buttons allow users to quickly manipulate the system providing both audible and tactile feedback of successful operations. The panel has 3 access levels. Level 1 is unprotected and allows basic user functions. Level 2 is passcode protected and allows more advanced user functions. Level 3 is protected by a different passcode and allows programming functions.

  • 4x40 – Character LCD alphanumeric display with back-light.
  • Up to 200 zone LEDs (by special request).
  • Up to 10 individual level 2 user access codes.
  • Optional lockable glass door – provides added security/protection.

Key Features

  • Multi-protocol.
  • Modular concept.
  • Simple, robust design to EN54 Parts 2 & 4.
  • Intuitive to use.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to expand.
  • Easy to network.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to configure.

The various part codes under the Morley-IAS by Honeywell panel portfolio are as below:

Model Description
722-001-301 ZX1Se Single Loop Control Panel. 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits, 4 line display and networking capability. 400 x 400 x 135mm (H x W x D). Order loop cards separately. Languages supplied: English. Supplied with 20 zonal LEDs, not expandable.
720-001-301 ZX2Se 1-2 Loop Control Panel. 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits, 4 line display and networking capability. 400 x 400 x 135mm (H x W x D). Order loop cards separately. Languages supplied: English. Supplied with 20 zonal LEDs, not expandable.

ZXSe Range Data Sheet